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The Kite Runner is a movie about friendship, betrayal, and the price of loyalty.

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This is outlined well in Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner, where each character experiences or witnesses one of the aforementioned characteristics of society.

Khalid Hosseni’s novel Kite Runner and Shilpi Somaya Gowda’s novel Secret Daughter revolve around betrayal and redemption.

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The Iraq and Panama devastations may both be instances where George Bush the First was double-crossing his business partners. Noriega was a drug runner and overall thug, but Bush ran the CIA, which specialized in drug running as a way to fund covert operations. That is well known. More explosive than the betrayal of his ex-employee was Bush's alleged relationship with Hussein. In , by Russell Bowen, a retired brigadier general who did some of Bush's covert-action dirty work, the author related documents that surfaced in a lawsuit in Illinois against the Federal Reserve System that documented a kickback system in which Hussein and Bush jointly laundered $250 in oil revenues. It was related to the BCCI scandal. People who investigated the BCCI and related scandals often ended up dead, as and did. While the story sat there in black and white, the American media would not touch it. It may be that bludgeoning Iraq was a lot more than just killing more than a million people, but Bush cutting out his partner in crime in history’s biggest money-laundering operation.

Many critics of The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, argue that the novel would not have reached a lofty level of success if the U.S....

The Kite Runner is a recent novel so the test of time is unknown but with its life lessons it can easily be related to every generation and enjoyed by all types of readers.

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