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Julius Caesar - Ambition and Power Julius Caesar Julius Caesar was an ambitious man

Julius Caesar” A short essay I ..

But when you don't, you turn greedy and desire more and more (in this case, power) until it ruins you, and you saw that with the play "Julius Caesar", with the main ones being Caesar and Cassius.
Marc Antonys Ambition
Marc Antony ambition was to avenge Caesar, a loyal friend of his.
3.2.237-239 - Here Antony says the he will give each Roman 75 drachmaes.
4.1.8-9 - Antony then says to cut some of the legacies which means he is ambitious to avenge Caesar no matter what it takes.
3.2.95-259 - In this whole section, Antony makes the audience feel bad for Caesar and stir them with many emotions before he turns them into enraged and angry mob hunting after the conspirators.
Antony's ambition
to avenge Caesar

"Et tu, Brute?" Caesar whispered
With his final, failing breath
Rome and her deceitful saviors
Rejoiced for his gruesome death

But Antony would revenge his master
And he drove Rome to kill again
The conspiritors fled away to Sardis
Where the great war would begin
We chose Antony because he a great ambition for domination.

William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar illustrates how ambition urges ..

3.1.177-178 - Since power is really important for Cassius, he is assuming that Antony feels the same way as he does about power.

Why We Chose: Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar had a great ambition and desire for power and their were great examples in the play to show it.

Character Analysis Of Julius Caesar, Essay Sample