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In the introduction to doublethink, “War is Peace.

Propaganda on 1984 by George Orwell

The first essay is one of Heidegger's most popular, showing up in many humanities courses about technology. That's generally a good thing because the essay starts with Aristotle's theory of forms, which will likely be most students first introduction to his . Heidegger then explores the different meanings of the Greek techne and its evolution to the modern term technology, and how the changes reflect how man thinking has changed since Aristotle's Athens.

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At any moment the tension inside you was liable to translate itself into some visible symptom."(64)

"a mixture of psychologist and inquisitor, studying with extraordinary minuteness the meaning of facial expressions, gestures and tones of voice, and testing the truth-producing effects of drugs, shock therapy, hypnosis, and physical torture."(194)

This point showing that the surveillance is always watching and will kill you if you do something wrong is really terrifying and will hopefully give reality of what 1984 was like to the readers of this essay.

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'First published in German in 1984 as volume 45 of Martin Heidegger's collected works, this book translates a lecture course he presented at the University of Freiburg in 1937-1938. Heidegger here raises the question of the essence of truth, not as a "problem" or as a matter of "logic", but precisely as a genuine philosophical question, in fact the one basic question of philosophy. Thus, this course is about the intertwining of the essence of truth and the essence of philosophy. On both sides Heidegger draws extensively upon the ancient Greeks, on their understanding of truth as and their determination of the beginning of philosophy as the disposition of wonder. In addition, these lectures were presented at the time that Heidegger was composing his second magnum opus, , and provide the single best introduction to that complex and crucial text.'

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