not really solely created by dindus though

(saying this may already spark controversy to Afrocentric people)Basically...WE WUZ ____ AND

Then white people claimed they did lmfao.

All library services will be available at the Prevo Science Library or Music Library on Thursday 8am to 5pm. Watch this space for further ROW Library updates!

White people steal more than black people when it comes to culture.

Just look at Justin Beiber or any white artist today.

2) The Epic of Sundiata and the Arabic sources provide different perspectives of early West African history. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these different sources of historical evidence? How can historians effectively use them to illuminate the African past? You might choose to consider these very different sources in a discussion of historical methodology or you might argue why both types of sources are essential to an appreciation of early West African history.

Just look at Taylor swift and how she has incorporate black dance into her videos?

UPDATE: Roy O. West Library is planning on being open at 12noon on Monday January 8th. Library services will be available at the Prevo Science Library on Monday from 8am-5pm. Stay tuned for additional updates.

Get over it.Just like One Direction!

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Roy O. West Library may be closed on Sunday January 7. If ROW Library is closed on Sunday, library services will be available at the Prevo Science Library from 12noon-5pm.

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Roy O. West Library may be closed Sat January 6th due to an electrical problem that led to no heat & water flooding on the south side of the first floor & lower level. If ROW Library is closed on Sat, library services will be available at the Prev

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Specific Requirements:
-As an essay, your paper must be structured around your argument, i.e. your analysis should be “thesis-driven.” (Don’t just answer the above questions–use them as a starting point for your argument).
-You are required to support your argument through specific references (note the plural) to at least 2 different sources, one of which must be D.T. Niane’s Sundiata: An Epic of Old Mali.
-As the assignment does not require outside research, in-text citations are sufficient, i.e. (Niane, 45).
Your essay must include a bibliography of all texts cited (which can be at the bottom of the final page).

Gilgamesh: A Heroes Journey | Topics in Literature

Then the shitposters, to validate themselves or something I don't know, like to think that anyone voicing this annoyance is a "tumblrina".

Why would anyone from tumblr even come here, and find these specific threads?

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