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Good day sir/ma, i’m a registered nurse n had my BNSC in Nigeria. I want to do my masters in public health nursing in ur school. I am an excellent nurse and very hardworking; i graduated with a GP of 4.1 and i love caring for the sick. I will be glad if im awarded a scholarship in your school. I need your help. This is my email address

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I am interested in a nursing degree. I live with my grandmother. Will her income be considered when I apply for a scholarship. I am “very” interested in the special needs scholarship. Specifically the The Health Resources Services Administration Scholarship. I live in Tennesse, but have no problem with attending school in another state if I receive a scholarship. My grandmother makes a decent salary, but it takes that to live on. She plans to retire soon.

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Tennessee nursing students are also eligible for scholarships through the National Student Nurses Foundation. An application for this scholarship can be downloaded from the organization’s website at .

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The scholarship program was designed to assist nurses who are committed to Holistic Medicine and are pursuing professional development in the field.

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The scholarship helps to address the critical shortage of nurses in the United States, the District Columbia, and U.S. Territories. After graduation from nursing school, scholars are required to work in a health care facility where there is a critical shortage of nurses. Eligible health care facilities include nursing homes, rural health clinics, home health agencies, hospice programs and hospitals. Those who complete their program under the scholarship as scheduled have six months after graduation to accept a position in one of the eligible facilities. It is important that anyone interested in this scholarship is committed to the service requirement.

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The provides a scholarship fund for individuals seeking to study Clinical Nursing in the neonatal profession. The applicant should want to dedicate themselves to research in the industry.

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The Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) scholarship is administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This is a competitive scholarship that pays for nursing school expenses, including tuition, fees, books, and supplies. It also provides a monthly stipend. The amount of the award is based on information on program costs provided by the school.

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There are various scholarships and grants available for students who decide to study nursing in the state of Tennessee. Some scholarships require a commitment to service in health care settings in critical need of nurses, while others do not have this requirement.