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How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay in 10 Steps

The rough draft will act as a guide, helping you identify what to write about in each section of your essay. Once you've completed your first draft, have someone you know (a friend, family member, or professor) review it and give you their feedback. Ask your reviewers questions like:

For now, here are three questions that you’ll need to answer before you start writing your scholarship essay:

Here’s how to write a winning scholarship essay in 10 steps

In the How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay series, I’m going to discuss how to prep for a scholarship essay and how to write a compelling masterpiece that is reusable for multiple scholarships (read: you’ll only have to write ONE essay!).

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As much as we would like to award the scholarship, in the event that none of the applicants meets the academic and essay requirements, Fitness Grit reserves the right to withhold disbursement.

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For example, your answer to the question "why do you believe that you will be successful?" might fit best into your wrap-up, in which you'll tie everything together. Once you have your best answers organized in this manner, you've built the foundation of your scholarship essay.

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Applying for your scholarship is the first step along your journey to financial aid for college. When you consider the diversity of the scholarships that are available each year, and the competition that exists for them all, you will realize just how important it is to get the application process right. All scholarship applications are different so be prepared to give equal attention to them all.

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You may feel like it isn’t worth it to apply to scholarship awards because of how competitive many of them are. But someone has to win, so why shouldn’t it be you? Landing an award isn’t easy but there are ways to improve your chances, especially if the scholarship you find is focused on criteria specific to your student profile. Qualification criteria vary so much from scholarship provider to scholarship provider that most people seeking scholarships could certainly find some assistance. Apply for if you have a stellar GPA and to match but don’t forget all the things that make you unique and could land you free money to pad your .

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Assuming you have chosen the scholarships for which you wish to apply it is time to come to grips with the actual process. Many scholarship providers such as the and the have sample applications on line that you can download to help you get a good feel for how you will approach the actual application when the time comes. Your scholarship applications are a vital step on your search for financial aid and it is important to get them right.

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After deciding what scholarships you want to apply to, you should play to your strengths in constructing your . Everything you put in your application should highlight your strengths as an applicant for that particular scholarship, including supplemental materials. For example, if you need a , ask someone who knows you well and can boast your strengths. Typically, applicants will ask their teachers, coaches, mentors, and other key leaders in their lives, to write their recommendation letters - some scholarship providers specifically prohibit parent or relative recommendation letters, as those can be biased.