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Chapter 5 in Ryle), and then find newspaper articles, write your assignment by using these assigned readings to interpret the cases that are demonstrated in the newspaper articles you picked.
Components of the reflection essay:
• Introduction: Provide background information on the topic and summarize the selected newspaper articles (1 paragraph for each)
• Development: Interpret/evaluate the articles in the light of course material assigned for this topic (2 paragraphs)
• Reflection: Reflect on your individual views on the matter and an explanation of your stance.

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A proper way to start a summary is to mention the title of the article along with its author's name. How to write an article title in a paper? For example, like that: "In the article "How to write a proper academic research" James Don explains…".

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There are plenty of ways to write an article on a certain topic - you can tell a story and be informal, provide specific data and be as scientific as possible, etc. However, the style and the approach you pick depends on the audience greatly. If you're writing an article for a college newspaper addressing fellow students, that's one thing. If you're writing an article to impress your professor, that's a completely another one.

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My comparison will look at how the different political British newspapers portray different stories, which can be affected greatly by which party a particular newspaper supports....

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But this basic five-paragraph outlineis a good starting point, especially if you feel uncertain of your ability.An opinion essay exists to prove your main point – your thesis.