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 ...eness, then working together to rebuild trust and constructive relationships.

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As Craig Weatherup, former CEO of PepsiCo said, "Trust cannot become a performance multiplier unless the leader is prepared to go first."

The best leaders recognize that trust impacts us 24/7, 365 days a year.

The best leaders always lead out with a decided propensity to trust, as opposed to a propensity not to trust.

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I think the problem lies in the confusion of the languages and remains linked in every way. We were and have been kept in that confusion since Babel. If we were to become, like little children and taught like little children, the basic understanding of the Sefat Emet [ True language ], the truth, would be self-evident and set us free from error. The world is still in confusion and will never see the truth of our condition until we can see it through the truth of the WORD itself . We as believers thirst for and thrive as a result of the truth being revealed. It brings Hope to those that recognize it. The Torah was not given as a gift to the chosen to be hidden or kept as a secret possession, nor can the light of it be shared in such a way. If we were to teach the basics of the truth, there would be a revival of the Spirit of it. A quest for the Truth has led me to the Hebrew alphabet and the learning of the basics of the Holy tongue in which the WORD was given and I see the problem most face with trying to learn the message and it is, this lack of understanding of
the basics. We are a people that lack this knowledge of the language and are ever divided by this obstacle no matter how much we believe and Love it. How can the world become ONE, as we were, if not through those that speak the original language of the Crearor and have been in possession of this from the beginning ? It was and is the task of those that read and write the WORD to explain to those that are confused and bring them into the light of understanding to the Glory of the Creator. Until one learns, that, there is only ONE WORD, of the ONE who gave it, we will remain divided , and ever at odds with ourselves on the issue. His people are ever perishing for a lack of Knowledge!

The dividends of high trust can be similarly quantified, enabling leaders to make a compelling business case for trust.

The blogs that are most effective are those that allowcomments from both sides of the debate (many blogs are heavilymoderated). While the blogosphere has a “wild west”aspect to it, I have certainly learned a lot by participating in theblogospheric debate including how to sharpen my thinking and improvethe rhetoric of my arguments.

When a leader's credibility and reputation are high, it enables them to establish trust fast -- speed goes up, cost goes down.

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Unfortunately, the void ofsubstantive statements from our institutions has been filled in waysthat have made the situation much worse.

Credibility is a combination of expertise and trust. Whilescientists persist in thinking that they should be trusted because oftheir expertise, climategate has made it clear that expertise itself isnot a sufficient basis for public trust. The fallout fromclimategate is much broader than the allegations of misconduct byscientists at two universities. Of greatest importance isthe reduced credibility of the IPCC assessment reports, which areproviding the scientific basis for international policies on climatechange. Recent disclosures about the IPCC have brought up a hostof concerns about the IPCC that had been festering in the background:involvement of IPCC scientists in explicit climate policy advocacy;tribalism that excluded skeptics; hubris of scientists with regards toa noble (Nobel) cause; alarmism; and inadequate attention to thestatistics of uncertainty and the complexity of alternativeinterpretations.

The scientists involved in the CRU emails and the IPCC have beendefended as scientists with the best of intentions trying to do theirwork in a very difficult environment. They blame the allegedhacking incident on the “climate denial machine.” They are described as fighting a valiant war to keep misinformationfrom the public that is being pushed by skeptics with links to the oilindustry.

Earning trust back in recovery is not an overnight process

They defend their science based upon theiryears of experience and their expertise.

Scientists are claiming that the scientific content of the IPCC reportsis not compromised by climategate. The jury is still out on thespecific fallout from climategate in terms of the historical and paleotemperature records. There are larger concerns (raised byglaciergate, etc.) particularly with regards to the IPCC AssessmentReport on Impacts (Working Group II): has a combination ofgroupthink, political advocacy and a noble cause syndrome stifledscientific debate, slowed down scientific progress and corrupted theassessment process? If institutions are doing their jobs, thenmisconduct by a few individual scientists should be quickly identified,and the impacts of the misconduct should be confined and quicklyrectified. Institutions need to look in the mirror and ask thequestion as to how they enabled this situation and what opportunitiesthey missed to forestall such substantial loss of public trust inclimate research and the major assessment reports.

In their misguided war against the skeptics, the CRU emails reveal thatcore research values became compromised. Much has been saidabout the role of the highly politicized environment in providing anextremely difficult environment in which to conduct science thatproduces a lot of stress for the scientists. There is no questionthat this environment is not conducive to science and scientists needmore support from their institutions in dealing with it. However,there is nothing in this crazy environment that is worth sacrificingyour personal or professional integrity. And when your sciencereceives this kind of attention, it means that the science is reallyimportant to the public. Therefore scientists need to doeverything possible to make sure that they effectively communicateuncertainty, risk, probability and complexity, and provide a contextthat includes alternative and competing scientific viewpoints. This is an important responsibility that individual scientists andparticularly the institutions need to take very seriously.

Both individual scientists and the institutions need to look in themirror and really understand how this happened. Climategateisn’t going to go away until these issues areresolved. Science is ultimately a self-correcting process,but with a major international treaty and far-reaching domesticlegislation on the table, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

You have to work to get trust back in recovery

Learning how to deal with hurt and conflict is crucial to human development as it teaches us to become better people and create valuable relations.


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