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Criticism and Psychological Criticism on the Story The Hitch-Hikers by Eudora Welty.

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Description :This work offers close readings of Eudora Welty's novels and short stories (including One Writer's Beginnings). At the same time, it sifts through contemporary reviews and recent criticism. The author...

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Eudora Welty's "Magic" is a gothic tale of a cemetery tryst between a telegram delivery boy and a stenography school student, both young city people in a community easily identified as Jackson, Mississippi. It is a well-plotted story, much of its drama recorded in the couple's slangy dialect with the same daring Welty would apply to "Petrified Man." "Magic" was Welty's third published story, and the second story published by the perceptive editor John Rood; this one, in the September-October 1936 issue of Manuscript, filled pages three to seven. Manuscript, a "little magazine" that sought to showcase promising new writers, was owned, edited, and published by Rood and his wife Mary Lawhead through "their own press, the Lawhead Press, in Athens, Ohio" (Welty, "Looking" 7). Welty had sent her first submissions for publication to John Rood at the suggestion of her Jackson friend and neighbor Hubert Creekmore, a published writer. Two years older than Welty, and later related to Welty by his sister's marriage to her brother Walter, Creekmore had by 1934 published in Poetry and placed fiction in Story (Bain et al. 105). In recalling her first publication, which was "Death of a Traveling Salesman," Welty revealed that she hadn't even "risked showing" her stories to Creekmore, but sent them straightaway to several journals he had suggested ("Looking" 7).

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Three of these first four Welty stories were not included in her first short-story collection, A Curtain of Green and Other Stories (1941), nor were they included by Welty in a collection titled Stories that she circulated to publishers beginning in 1939. They do not, therefore, appear in her Collected Stories (1980), either, and until its publication in this issue of the Eudora Welty Newsletter, "Magic" is the only one of the four never reprinted at all. In 1981, Palaemon Press Limited published "Retreat" and, for its A Tribute to Eudora Welty issue, The Georgia Review reprinted "The Doll" in 1999. Other stories that were either unpublished ("Acrobats in the Park") or uncollected after the first publication ("Hello and Good-Bye") have by now also been published.

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Even a generic description of Welty’s oeuvre—four collections of stories, five novels, two collections of photographs, three works of non-fiction (essay, memoir, book review), and one children’s book—shows Welty’s wide scope as an artist, and reading through her work reveals an astonishing tonal range in subject and style, the most expansive of any twentieth-century American writer.

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The grotesque in "Magic" shows the reader Myrtle's loneliness and her ambivalence about sexual maturity. Myrtle fills her emotionally drab life with cheap popular objects that signify her dreams and fantasies. We may find Welty's story too elliptical or grotesque, but as one of Welty's earliest attempts to render the interior life of a woman, "Magic" deserves a wider audience, and the Eudora Welty Newsletter is extremely grateful to the Welty Estate for allowing us to bring it now to many new readers.

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Eudora Welty's first published story, Death of a Traveling Salesman, in the June issue, was received with loud praise by our readers. The present story is entirely different in theme, treatment, feeling-which goes to prove what we've known from the beginning, that Miss Welty is not a "one-story" writer.
(Note on the author, Manuscript September-October 1936)

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5 Other pieces, such as the one-act play Bye-Bye Brevoort and essays including "Ida M'Toy," have also been printed in limited editions. Noel Polk's Eudora Welty: A Bibliography of Her Work gives full descriptions of these and other titles. "A Sketching Trip" is not in any of Welty's story collections and is reprinted only in O. Henry Memorial Prize Stories of 1946 (Garden City: Doubleday, 1946).