History of American Pop Music essays

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History of American Pop Music essays.

Polyphony, sonata form, serial music – many musical expressions are also explained – with the text illustrated by performances from some of the most highly praised recordings of recent years.
The History of Opera traces the history of opera from its origins in the 16th century to the 21st century and also looks at the operetta.

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American Indian musicians, as well as musicians inspired by Native history and culture, have been active in contemporary popular music for nearly a century. The signature artists featured on this CD represent the diversity of Native achievement in American mainstream music. They broke new ground, overcoming the public’s limited expectations of Indians as musicians and inspiring others with their legacy. Mohawk guitarist Derek Miller harnessed the energy and dynamic self-expression of these artists to create this compilation of classic hits. Their stories are not just one-hit wonders in Native history, but a backstage pass to music history.

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The narrative of A History of Western Music naturally focuses on the musical works, styles, genres, and ideas that have proven most influential, enduring, and significant – but it also encompasses a wide range of music, from religious to secular, from serious to humorous, from art music to popular music, and from Europe to the Americas.

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