Topic: 1. Environmental risk management

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Topic: 1. Environmental risk management

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1. What is meant by the term “environmental sustainability”?

6. What is meant by the term ‘greenhouse effect’?

17. List four typical sustainable work practices associated with an outdoors worksite. Assume the work includes excavation, plus the production of dust, waste products and noise.

23. Explain the difference between an electrical appliance or component with a low efficiency compared to the same appliance/component that has a higher efficiency. Give an example.

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wes:You must also factor in the lifespan of such buildings. A steel and concrete building is going to last much longer than a wood frame unit.

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These statistics that you use are confusing because it assumes that more square footage saves energy, and that single family homes are somehow energy efficient when compared to multi-unit residences.

Topic: 4. Sustainable work practices

Single-Family detached homes consume 73.9% of the total energy pie for residential dwelling types. On a per unit measure, single family detached homes consume twice that of multi-unit dwellings. More total people generally live in a single-family home, to which on a per household member basis, multi-units consume 33% less than single-family detached units' per household member.

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In the Building Energy Data Book, it shows that single family (detached) homes consume 108.3 (million Btus) per household and 39.7 (million Btus) per household member.

20. Give two reasons for recycling copper wire.

wes: Could you mislead your readers anymore? Single family homes are quite larger than all other building typologies, so on a per square foot basis they consume "less", as this brings down the average (mobile homes consume the most per sq. footage according to the report, but this doesn't tell us much).

21. Explain what is meant by the term ‘sustainable energy’?

As a side note, I don't think energy usage data on Australia is all that applicable to much of the US because we have cold winters. Detached single-family homes require more energy to heat than apartments or townhomes because there is more surface area for energy to escape. I would think that an analysis of GHG emissions for housing in the Northeastern US, for instance, would show very different results than an analysis for Sydney.

22. What are the two main pathways to achieving sustainable energy?

26. When talking about the use of electrical energy, what is meant by the term ‘peak demand’, and what type of situation typically causes peak demand?