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Notice that while Major Shepherd's statementthat "on the frontier a good Indian means a 'dead Indian'" has not quite yetreached the final proverbial form, the Vicar makes it perfectly clear thatAmericans frequently expressed the proverbial remark "A good Indian is a deadIndian", thus attesting to the fact that the proverb was well established by1886:

The story of Indian warfare is no doubt one of bloodshed, cruelty, and outrage;but, if they resented with the ferocity of savages the intrusion of the whitemen who appropriated their hunting grounds and gave them no quarter, let it notbe forgotten that they responded generously to the appeal of those who,consecrated by the hands of poverty and pain, spoke to them in the Name of acrucified King, and proclaimed the gospel of peace and goodwill.

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"Good Will Hunting" shows that even a tough kid from a working class neighborhood has emotions and that he can fulfill his destiny only if he gets in touch with those emotions.

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Rationale for Using the Movie: By showing the successful treatment of a person with attachment disorder, Good Will Hunting provides a basis for studying the origin and treatment of this psychological condition as well as the effectiveness of talking therapy and the insights offered by modern psychology. The movie serves as a springboard for discussions about the role of dependence, independence and interdependence, and about the importance of empathy and emotion in relationships.

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