Plot - the arrangement of ideas and/or incidents that make up a story

Foot - grouping of stressed and unstressed syllables used in line or poem

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Mentally ill people hallucinate,lovers see ugly people as beautiful, and poets create an imaginaryworld to give life to ideas ("giving to airy nothing a local habitationand a name").

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This is aserious play!", "That's the kind of joke this audienceunderstands", and "That song has just about broughtthe show to a standstill." In Shakespeare, even "asides"are unusual, though he uses prologues as modern moviesmay begin with text or voiceover giving the background.

Structure (fiction) - The way that the writer arranges the plot of a story.

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I disagree strongly, but ultimately you needto decide for yourself.

Walt Disney's fairies are their descendants.

He thinks this will make playingThisbe a problem, but this is actually why he was chosen.Robin Starveling the Tailor: Just a few linesportray a pessimist.

Don't focus on story in "A Midsummer Night's Dream".

Plays the wall.Often the same actor who plays Theseus also plays Oberon,the same actor who plays Philostrate plays Puck,and the same actress who plays Hippolyta plays Titania.

It'sabout ideas and emotion rather than plot.

Like most of us, Hippolyta decides,"If they're all telling the same story, there may be something to it."Philostrate: Master of ceremonies for Theseus.

Egeus brings his daughter Hermia to court.

Theymight also have been imaginary figures of fun that personifynature, as we speak of "Mother Nature"and the artistic "Jack Frost", painterof autumn leaves and creator of the beautiful ice patterns onwindowpanes.Literary trips to fairyland included "Sir Orfeo", a retellingof Orpheus's descent to the underworld.

Demetrius has seduced and abandoned Helena, Hermia'sfriend.

Oberon sees what has happened, and instructs Puck toseparate the two men, which he does using ventriloquism, and to applythe love-juice to Demetrius's eyes.

Oberon sends Puck to find a magic flower.

(In Elizabethan times, the male donkey was proverbial for hisgenerous sexual endowment.)Demetrius and Lysander meet Helena and Hermia and thelove-comedy continues, with the men about to come to blows.

Helena sees Lysander, thinks he may be hurt, and wakes him.

So far as I know, Shakespeare is the first writer to portray the faerie folk as tiny or cute.In the realm of illusion, notice several elements in which logic issuspended in favor of symbolism, as in our own dreams.