Laura has a glass menagerie, which is a collection of glass animals.

Amanda's actions in The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams were made clear from the beginning.

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The New York Times summed it up, "…the end seems thoroughly at odds with anything Williams ever intended."

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During the time of his writing The Glass Menagerie, Williams wrote essays about the relationships between plays and expressionism, so director Roger DeLaurier wanted to give a nod to that concept in the exterior treatment of the set, while still preserving the realism and naturalistic space inside for the characters' interactions.

In early versions of the script, Williams' stage directions called for slide projections to reinforce poignant moments within various scenes.

Laura also lives in her illusions surrounded by her glass menagerie and old phonograph records.

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POCATELLO – The Idaho State University School of Performing Arts will perform Tennessee Williams’ classic play “The Glass Menagerie” in the Stephens Performing Arts Center Black Box Theatre on Sept. 25 and 26, as well as Oct. 2 and 3 at 7:30 p.m. There will also be a matinee performance at 2 p.m. on Oct. 2.

Laura is much like her glass menagerie, she is fragile, unique, and transparent.

They have a certain appearance of fragility, these neurotic people I write about, but they are really strong." In Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie, the strengths and weaknesses of the characters is the focus of the play.

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Just as Amanda’s “spine” is the need for security provoked at least as much by her having married an alcoholic as by the socio-economic circumstances of the late Thirties, Tom’s may be viewed as the need to hide his homosexuality from Laura, Amanda, and Jim—and control the inner revolt which is the symptom of it. Williams seems to have been a sexual late bloomer; and his sexuality was, for a while at least, not clearly focused, but by the time he came to write the early drafts of The Glass Menagerie he had acknowledged, at least to himself, his homoerotic preference, and his short-lived but intense affair with Kip Kiernan was a thing of the recent past (July-September 1940) (Leverich 371-379).

Laura, who is symbolized as the fragile glass menagerie, ..

The glass menagerie itself is a symbol Williams uses to represent the broken lives of Amanda, Laura and Tom Wingfield and their inability to live in the present....

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After a number of unsuccessful plays and odd jobs, and even a short contract writing for Metro Goldwyn Mayer, he finished writing The Glass Menagerie which was initially produced in Chicago and received high praise from critics.

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Davis, " Landscapes of the Dislocated Mind in Williams' 'The Glass Menagerie'," in Tennessee Williams: A Tribute Tom and his sister Laura is symbolically the actual glass menagerie, the play belongs to neither of them.

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The standout scene thus is the long interaction between Laura and her gentleman caller and childhood crush, Daniel Donskoy’s Jim. Jim is a poster boy for self-improvement and positivity; while his insistence on diagnosing and explaining Laura’s feelings to her is positively offensive, he also shows her a sensitivity previously lacking. The moment as Jim raises Laura to her feet to hold her in a dance, and then leads her to her wheelchair so they can dance properly – and for a moment beautifully until they knock the table holding a precious glass unicorn – is magically transformative. Trigg, Donskoy and Croft push the potential of the moment to a heartbreaking degree of hope, even leading to a sweet kiss, before Jim destroys everything with the revelation that he is already engaged.