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We Steven Poole: My problem with George Orwell | Books | The including a standalone edition of "Politics and the English Language".

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As Orwell wrote in a "note" to the collection,"most of these essays have appeared in print before, and several of themmore than once." "Charles Dickens" and "Boys Weeklies"had been printed in "Boys Weeklies" had alsoappeared in as had "Wells, Hitler, and the WorldState," "The Art of Donald McGill," "Rudyard Kipling,""W~ B. Yeats," and "Raffles and Miss Blandish." The lastalso had appeared in , a New York monthly. The essay on Koestlerhad been written for . "In Defense of P.G. Wodehouse" for . "Benefit of Clergy" should have appeared in the in 1944, but at the last moment the publishers excised the essay fromthe bound copies on "grounds of obscenity." The first edition of (February 14, 1946) was 3,028; the copies quickly sold out; in Mayanother 5,632 copies were published.

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However on page 532, Orwell did I good job revising a verse from Ecclesiastes. When I read the original, it was unclear as to what the purpose of the passage was. In Orwell’s revision, he uses appropriately sophisticated language to make the original message clear and concise. I believe writing in this way may take practice, but in the end it will be beneficial!

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Orwell’s main criticism towards the decaying English language is the vagueness that makes English incompatible of precisely describe. Too often unnecessary words are added, idioms are misused or over generic words are utilised, and they all lead up to a complete vagueness in writing of the modern era. Though Orwell’s contemptuous tone make readers hard to agree with him if haven’t fully digested his text, I do see the problems Orwell point out in writings or conversations nowadays.

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Orwell deals with two related issues in this piece. The first is the decline he sees in the quality of the English language. It is easy to agree with the argument he makes here. The trite metaphors he produces as examples are as common today in 2015 as they were when Orwell penned this article in the 1940’s. These overused metaphors have become a part of the writing vocabulary of a majority of English speakers. This failure of the English language is most prominent in the field of politics. It is very easy to use modern English in a vague way. This can be very useful to politicians. Euphemisms are the order of the day (it is almost impossible not to use the unoriginal phrases Orwell bemoans in this essay). Many examples of this can be found in American politics. Vagueness is especially important in the more controversial issues. Abortion is never referred to by that name. Supporters prefer to be labelled “pro-choice.” Critics are referred to as “pro-life.” Both of these labels are unassailable. Who would not want to be considered pro-choice? To stand against such a label means that the person must prefer a restriction of choice, which means a restriction of freedom which is anathema in democratic society. On the other hand, to stand opposed to the idea of being pro-life means to be de facto pro-death which is an equally unappealing option. Vagueness in speaking and in vocabulary prevents true political discourse. This vagueness pervades all manner of political discussion in the modern United States. It is fruitless to listen to many politicians speak. All use references to concepts such as freedom, democracy, and America. All lack a clearly defined image of what these concepts entail.

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Politics and the English Language study guide contains a biography of George Orwell, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

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