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Genghis Khan moved his troops into the quasi-Chinese Chin-ruled north China in 1211, and in 1215 they destroyed the capital city. Hisson Ogodei conquered all of North China by 1234 and ruled it from 1229 to 1241. Genghis Khan's grandson, Kublai Khan, defeated the Chinese Southern Song in 1279, and for the first time all of China was under foreign rule.

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In his early life, Khan learned to ride the horse and use bows and arrows as was customary of all Mongol children. He showed skill in the use of the bows and arrows, as well as in riding. Khan’s presentation of his military skills led him to focus on defeating his enemies and taking the leadership of the now unified Mongol tribes (Turnbull 14). With the presentation of a united front, the Mongols fought many battles, with Temujin as one of the commanders of the Mongol’s armies. However, the most decisive victory came with Khan’s the defeat of the Naimans (Turnbull 14). The defeat prompted an assembly of the Mongol leaders in 1206 at source of Onon River, where they not only proclaimed the unity of the Mongol tribes, but also proclaimed Temujin as Genghis Khan (Universal Leader) (Turnbull 14).

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In 1206, Temujin had conquered most of Mongolia and the remaining tribes were forced to acknowledge him as their leader. He took the name Genghis Khan (also spelled Chingiz Khan or Tchingis Qaghan). The name has different translations, one of them being “oceanic sovereign,” writes Raux.

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