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Young identifies two broad groups of such practico-inert objects andrealities. First, phenomena associated with female bodies (physicalfacts), biological processes that take place in female bodies(menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth) and social rules associated withthese biological processes (social rules of menstruation, forinstance). Second, gender-coded objects and practices: pronouns, verbaland visual representations of gender, gender-coded artefacts and socialspaces, clothes, cosmetics, tools and furniture. So, women make up aseries since their lives and actions are organised around female bodiesand certain gender-coded objects. Their series is bound togetherpassively and the unity is “not one that arises from theindividuals called women” (Young 1997, 32).

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Reflecting a widespread gender crisis brought about by the Great Depression, these representations suggest, and were read as, a symbolic emasculation of the idealized male of U.S.

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Since the five are the store-front agents by which this dream is managed, they provide a differently dressed parallel to those other representatives of the United States who are routinely authorized to uphold their state's role as the worldwide nemesis of so-called rogue regimes." [Communication Abstracts]

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