From the Congressional Record, 1963:

"An adversary situation has developed..."

I’ve just read, , by Mark Levy, a writer and business consultant who teaches free writing to his business clients to help them, “. . .spot opportunities and options, solve problems, create ideas, and make decisions.”

The letter in question arrived a week after RegBarc gave his dad the news over the phone.

"The Library of Congress has recieved a report concerning you..."

Free writing helped me not only to write better but to get clear on what I wanted and what I could do. It helped brainstorm ideas and simultaneously see what I thought about those ideas. It helped me weigh pros and cons and make better decisions. In short, it helped me to think better.

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"Neither the Federal Executive Orders on fair employment nor the Civil Rights Act which constitute the authority for the program on non-discrimination are relevant to the problems of homosexuals."

"Please do not contaminate my mail with such filthy trash." Dated August 28, 1962

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It may be because I was at a different place in my life when I read “Bones”. I haven’t read it in years but I still remember how it made me feel. Goldberg’s voice was comforting, warm and empowering. And, she got my hand moving. Her exercises were simple and unstructured and I did them all. I wrote and wrote and wrote and I felt good about it. I never once looked over my shoulder to make sure I was doing it right and that, of course, is the point of free writing: letting it happen rather than making it happen.

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As Goldberg does in “Bones,” Levy uses a series of writing exercises that stimulate thought, but more importantly, action–the action of writing. In free writing, quantity produces quality and writing exercises get the hand moving and keep it moving long enough to bypass the critical mind and produce meaningful results.

The Same Sex Parenting Essay Diaries

"So here's the opinion of someone who's been in your dad's shoes, but didn't have his sad mental baggage," writes newvideoaz. "Your dad failed a really huge parenting test. Period."

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Many of the comments in the thread are worth reading, but the one that sticks out is from a Redditor whose adoptive son came out to him when he was 15.

A few ideas, Treatments And Strategies For Same Sex Parenting Essay

He'll always be your father. That's biology. But biology is fickle. We know this because while he has perhaps passed a lot to you via DNA, he did NOT pass along intolerance or stupidity. He can "disown" you in his brain all he likes, but that doesn't mean much because he's already proved that whatever his strengths might be, he's allowed his thought processes and natural instincts to become seriously flawed. How you feel about him. Hurt, sad, angry, disappointed, that's yours to shuffle as you see fit.

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But trust me, this is about him, not you. I actually hope that someday he gets a chance to look deeply in his heart and comes to understand how horribly, terribly he screwed this up. If so, he'll maybe have a chance to start some personal redemption and healing. But he needs that. You don't.