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Each year, my family and I prepare a different meal. The qualities of it are it has to be delectable, mouth watering and smell delicious. My family truly does not make traditional “American” holiday meals. Sometimes we even prepare a delicious, Chinese fusion dish. My favorite of all time though has to be the delectable range of pasta we can make. Both my parents and basically my whole family are chefs so we all participate in the cooking of all the food. Bonding over cooking is a great way for a family to come together, especially mine!

I live with my mom, sister, and my handsome one year old son.

That is so very important to me.

If you know of any friends who have been affected by any natural disasters anywhere and may find some solace hearing this prayer, there is an option to share it with them as a gift (under ‘Buy Digital Track’ click ‘Send as Gift’).

I'm a single mother trying to do the best I can for my son, however, I get

To be honest, I feel the same way now about the box of Florida oranges that arrived this morning. A relative mails us one each December without exception. They look cheerful in the fruit bowl on the kitchen counter, and we eat them all month long, slicing them into quarters and saving the peels in the refrigerator until I have enough to boil them in sugar syrup. The boys love these candied peels rolled in white sugar, even though they would normally complain about the tinge of bitterness in the pith that I can never quite purge, even after several blanchings.

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The prayer is special to me as I was able to record it with my daughter whose voice melts my heart. I was also blessed to have it recorded professionally with talented cello player, Rhonda Branneky, from the Netherlands!

As the world is suffering from the turmoil and tragedy all over the world, I pray that this prayer will bring some protection and solace to those impacted by such events.

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Once we chose the piece, I set out to make a visual slideshow of beautiful oceanic photographs to accompany us in the background as we sang. I believe there is a great power when music and imagery is combined and hope this creates a moving experience for the viewer.

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The song itself also has certain symbolism built into its composition. The piece purposefully starts abruptly without any introduction, just as many natural disasters occur without prior warning. Later on in the song, the key changes twice to depict intensity and to give weight to the song. At 2:17 the cello plays a long, deep note to represent a pause and uncertainty as to what will happen next. Throughout, the song keeps rising and building to give dramatic effect to the feelings associated with the words of the prayer.

Wishing you an awesome year ahead!

A few days ago I shared a, just released with my daughter. I felt it was very timely to share it now with all the natural disasters happening all over the world.

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So now’s a chance to get your cards ready ahead of time, as well as other gift items such as inspiring bookmarks, art magnets, prayer beads and prayer book covers.