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With the increased availability of wireless computer networks comes a new ethical dilemma....

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It shows the progression of BMW’s ethical dilemmas of having prisoners of war and concentration camp workers, allegation of bribery, to its racial discrimination.

An ethical dilemma I think is relevant for this emerging industry is the success rate....

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The commentary should incorporate, or could be followed by or complemented with, case study materials that derive from real-life instances of ethical dilemmas or tensions. The case study materials could be ethically analysed in either sanitized (i.e., anonymous) form, or can be made to reflect the parties involved (of course, only with the approval of the parties for their names to be included) (for example, Soskolne 1991). The objective behind case studies is not to seek retribution, but rather to provide examples for teaching purposes. Learning is enhanced by real-life situations.

Regardless of ones age during the Holocaust, so many were faced with unbelievable ethical dilemmas.

In your paper of at least 5-7 pages, excluding the References list page, (1) identify the moral dilemmas faced by the various characters in the movie, as well as the actions or decisions the the various Ethical Systems seem to require the characters to make. (2) In addition, address which ethical system or systems you find best characterize the movies ending? (3) Is the decision depicted at the end of the film the one you would have made; why or why not?

Many ethical dilemmas are faced by teachers, however little has been researched around ethics and assessment.

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"Ethics refers to well-founded standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do, usually in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, fairness, or specific virtues.” The pharmaceutical industry confronts several dilemmas every year.

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With this in mind, two corporate scandals will be the subjects of further review to understand that an auditor might encounter ethical dilemmas, if independence and objectivity are not part of the audit process....

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These codes of ethics may provide some moral guidance, but they are not thefinal answer in ethical dilemmas. Members of the ethics committees may bewilling to talk to you anonymously, but they cannot help you professionally orlegally. It is important to know that in general, the professionalsocieties will not defend their members. The professional members mayhelp prosecute their members, and force their members from their societies, butit is very unlikely that they will come to your defense. So while you mayfind some unofficial consoling from your respective professional society, donot expect official help from them.

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The idea is to create a game that is able to assess the ethical decision making patterns of the player. During the game the player gets confronted with real life dilemma's. Every Dilemma has two anwsers, there is no wrong anwser only an anwser that is able to assess how a player makes decisions.

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N2 - Background: For medical students, the emergency department (ED) often presents ethical problems not encountered in other settings. In many medical schools there is little ethics training during the clinical years. The benefits of reflective essay writing in ethics and professionalism education are well established. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to determine and categorize the types of ethical dilemmas and scenarios encountered by medical students in the ED through reflective essays. Methods: During a 4th- year emergency medicine rotation, all medical students wrote brief essays on an ethical situation encountered in the ED, and participated in an hour debriefing session about these essays. Qualitative analysis was performed to determine common themes from the essays. The frequency of themes was calculated. Results: The research team coded 173 essays. The most common ethical themes were autonomy (41%), social justice (32.4%), nonmaleficence (31.8%), beneficence (26.6%), fidelity (12%), and respect (8.7%). Many of the essays contained multiple ethical principles that were often in conflict with each other. In one essay, a student grappled with the decision to intubate a patient despite a preexisting do-not-resuscitate order. This patient encounter was coded with autonomy, beneficence, and nonmaleficence. Common scenarios included ethical concerns when caring for critical patients, treatment of pain, homeless or alcoholic patients, access to care, resource utilization, and appropriateness of care. Conclusion: Medical students encounter patients with numerous ethically based issues. Frequently, they note conflicts between ethical principles. Such essays constitute an important resource for faculty, resident, and student ethics training.