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Fire on the island is a dual blade and Lord of the Flies impedes on progression.

Stranded on a desert island essay writing

In 1914 Ernest Shackleton set off on a journey to traverse the Antarctic continent via the South Pole. Frank (F. A.) Worsley was the captain of the Shackleton's ship. The ship, named , never made it to the coast, becoming frozen in the pack ice. Things went from bad to worse. The following year, Worsley watched his ship crushed and destroyed by the mammoth forces created by shifting floes of ice. Their escape climaxed by an 800-mile journey in a small, open boat to St. Georgia Island. Their route: across one of the most dangerous and capricious stretches of cold, open ocean anyway on the globe. Navigation was vitally important. One tiny error and they would miss St. Georgia and end up lost in the vastness of the southern Ocean. Frank Worsley was the navigator--and this is Worsley's engrossing narrative of that epic journey.

It is about a large group of British school boys who are stranded on a deserted island all by themselves.

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The island on which the story takes place holds evidence that man possesses inherent evil, seen in the way the boys corrupt and destroy the innocence and purity of the tropical oasis, and viewed in the symbolic manner in which the island's pristine exterior shields a darker inside....

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There's the novel and there's the movie, but both are based on a true event. is the true version told by the protagonist. In 1789 Fletcher Christian and much of the crew of the 215 ton, three-masted Bounty, mutinied and sailed off leaving the captain William Bligh and 18 other sailors stranded on an island in the South Pacific. In effort to save himself and his men, Bligh undertook one of the most remarkable open boat journey's ever, sailing 4,000 miles, finally reaching Timor to the north of Australia. For a multi-facet view of the events, I recommend the version which was edited by R. D. Madison, a English professor at the United States Naval Academy(linked below). Madison includes the full text of Bligh's Narrative of the Mutiny, along minutes of the court proceedings, correspondence, and other materials.

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