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Essay on regularity and punctuality

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The following Standing Instruction is to be inserted onthe Work Sheet (or otherwise placed so as to ensure that it will not beoverlooked at the proper time) and read out by the President at the firstmeeting of each month, immediately after the signing of the minutes.
"Legionary duty requires from each legionary:-
First, the punctual and regular attendance at the weekly meetings of thepraesidium, and the furnishing there of an adequate and audible report on thework done;
Second, the daily recitation of the Catena;
Third, the performance of a substantial active legionary work, in the spirit offaith, and in union with Mary, in such fashion that in those worked for and inone's fellow-members, the Person of our Lord is once again seen and served byMary, his Mother;
Fourth, absolute respect for the confidential nature of many matters discussedat the meeting or learned in connection with the legionary work."
"Through me, Mary desires to love Jesus too in the hearts of all thosewhom I can kindle with love as the result of my apostolate and my perpetualprayers.

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Punctuality means the exactness in keeping timer and ..

It is closely linked with the Eucharist,because Christ's forgiveness comes to us through the merits of his death - thevery death we celebrate in the Eucharist.
Let every legionary avail of Christ's invitation to meet him personally in hissacrament of reconciliation and to do so frequently and regularly, "for bythis means we grow in a true knowledge of ourselves and in Christian humility,bad habits are uprooted, spiritual negligence and apathy are prevented, theconscience is purified and the will strengthened, salutary spiritual directionis obtained, and grace is increased by the efficacy of the sacramentitself." (MC 87) Through experiencing the benefits of the sacrament ofreconciliation legionaries will be encouraged to share them by inviting peopleto confession.
To summarise, the salvation of souls and their sanctification as well as theChristian transformation of the world come about only as a consequence of thelife of Christ in souls.

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One of the main objects of the Legion system will bethe bringing home of this responsibility to each legionary, and the fitting ofeach one to bear it creditably.
Among the duties found suitable for legionaries in the mission situation are:
(a) preparing the missionary's periodic visits to isolated stations;
(b) instructing catechumens and seeking new ones and encouraging their regularattendance;
(c) encouraging careless and lapsed Catholics to return to the full practice ofthe faith;
(d) conducting para-liturgical services;
(e) acting as Extraordinary Ministers;
(f) caring for the spiritual needs of the dying and for their Christian burial.

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In other cases it does play a part inregard to the beginning, middle, and end of the meeting but none in regard tothe regulation of the reports and other business; whereas the principle ofpunctuality and order must apply to everything from beginning to end.
If the officers are at fault in the above directions, the members shouldprotest.

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If members are unpunctual and irregular in their attendance, doinginsufficient work and doing it irregularly, failing in their attitude at themeeting, it is because that defective behaviour is being accepted from them,because they are not being taught any better.

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Regular attendance and punctuality are vital attributes for all employees. It is important for employees to attend work regularly and to arrive at work on time, because failure to do so detrimentally affects employee morale and productivity. Absenteeism or tardiness that is excessive or unauthorized in the judgment of the University is grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

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Legionaries should prove the sincerity of their words bypouring out their love and service in every permitted form.


Much in the same category as relief-giving, and coming under the same ban,would lie the regular utilisation of the legionary visitation for the purposeof collecting money.
Such might secure the money, but never the atmosphere for the accomplishment ofspiritual good and would represent a supreme example of the policy known as"penny-wise, pound foolish."


No legionary body shall allow its influence or its premises to be used for anypolitical purpose or to aid any political party.


The essence of religious work is its desire to reach every individual, to takeinto the sphere of its apostolate not merely the neglectful, not alone thehousehold of the Faith, not only the poor or the degraded, but ALL.
Especially the most repulsive forms of religious neglect must not intimidatethe legionary.