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Before the Second World War happened for ten years, the United States had the Great Depression, the most serious economy crisis in U.S history.

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“Beit Lohamei Haghetaot” is the Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum in Israel. The museum contains permanent historical and documentary exhibitions that deal with three main topics: Jewish life before the Holocaust, the Holocaust period and the fate of the Jewish people, and Jewish resistance and uprising.

The Rajput ceremony of Jauhar (holocaust), 1567, illustration from 'Hutchinsons History of the Nations'

The European consciousness is filled with the evil deeds perpetrated by his regime, thanks to the untiring work of their politicians, journalists, historians and film producers, so much so that the very thought of seeing any virtue in either Hitler or Nazis is abhorrent to the consciousness of the present day Europeans.

One of the topics she studied in order to teach her students was the history of the Holocaust, which indeed is very serious.

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In contrast look at India. There is hardly any awareness among the Indians of today of what happened to their ancestors in the past, because a great majority of historians are reluctant to touch this sensitive subject. It is not difficult for the Indian historians to gather information on the kind of atrocities perpetrated against the people of medieval India, to work out the estimated number people killed in the reign of each ruler, to create vivid pictures of what happened during such battles as the battle of Tallikota when Hampi, the capital of Vijayanagara empire was systematically destroyed for weeks.

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You find gripping and horrifying stories of and his most ruthless - men often seen as the very personifications of evil, like , the SS Commandant of Auschwitz, the Nazi butcher at Plaszow and , The Angel Of Death. You may read about , or , Chief of the German Military Intelligence who was a dedicated anti-Nazi and held Hitler in utter contempt. He tried to put a stop to the crimes of war and genocide committed by the Nazis.

Yet there were acts of courage and kindness during the Holocaust - stories to bear witness to goodness, love and compassion. Let me mention , , and the story of , the younger brother of

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This article was written in the year 2000, 15 years ago and the situations has not changed much, except that we have now more articles by Hindu scholars in circulation on this subject. Meanwhile, millions of Hindus obliviously watched the movie Jodha Akbar, a historical, fictional movie showing a rather romanticized, secular, Akbar in love with an overly fictionalized Rajput princess. They gloated over it in reviews and made it commercially successful. A television serial by the same name was also telecast for several weeks and months.

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One can safely add another 20 million Hindus to this list to account for the number that were killed during the Mughal rule or the rule of the Muslim rulers in the Deccan plateau. By all known accounts of world history, as pointed out by Koenard Elst in his book the Negationism in India, destruction of about 100 million Hindus is perhaps the biggest holocaust in the whole world history.