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The pupils from the five schools engaged in a critical research essay following the below rubric:

Participation in this process will develop the capacity to:

I think school lunches can be both tasty and healthy at the same time. You can easily balance out the healthy with the non-healthy items. For example, you can have yogurt (healthy) with chocolate chips in it. Things like this will encourage kids to eat healthier. Basically it’s a way of tricking people into eating healthier. I think for most public schools, healthier lunches is a lost hope due to lack of funding. If districts could come up with more funding, I think more healthy lunch choices would be available.

Academic scholarship should/could/will involve the following generic skills:

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Pupils should submit an independent, self-directed piece of research (a subject of their choice), culminating in a 2500 word paper. An involvement in this essay competition will provide:

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In my opinion, the healthy lunch food program is a lost hope because of the enconomy and lack of funding. I’ve been in the school lunch program for 10 years and there has been little to no change in the quality of the food. Our school serves multiple things (pizza,cheese burger, ext.) but not even hunger will drive me to eat those things. I only eat the chicken burger there because that is the only thing that actually taste like what it is. The pizza taste bad, and so do the burgers and whatever there serving for the main dish. My recommendations to improve school lunchs are better quality food, and mabye something healthy that dosn’t taste like eating cardboard (like most of the stuff at our lunch).

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I think that a school lunch should be healthy and tasty because kids need the nutrition and our obesity rate is growing. we have vegetables, meat, milk, and some cookies each day. I eat school lunch and I eat everything besides the cookies. Most schools should have salad because that is what kids love.

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My school serves many different types of foods. It serves a main dish, side dish, and some type of healthy food. Most people do not want the healthy food. I do eat the school lunch but only sometime I eat the healthy stuff because it does not appeal to me. The school’s food has not changed because the school is too new. I recommend that the school should see what the students want.

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I think the healthier school lunch program is in fact a lost cause. Even though schools and the media are saying they are trying to make school lunches alot healthier but in reality they are not changeing much at all. The most I have seen school lunches change, has been the same unhealthy school luch, with a scoop of some kind of vegitable. Just adding a little bit of something healthy, to an unhealth meal, does not in my opinion qualifie as a healthy school meal.

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I think that a healthier school lunch program is a lost cause. It is spending money that we don’t have for a lunch with fruits and vegetables that we just throw away.

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Healthy lunch is a lost cause. Food that the schools buy is inexpensive, which usually means unhealthy. My school serves pizza and burgers and other unhealthy things. That’s why I usually bring my own food from home.