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From the Family Foundations archives. An excerpt from The Infertility Companion for Catholics: Spiritual and Practical Support for Couples, by Carmen Santamaria and Angelique Ruhi-Lopez, reprinted with permission from Ave Maria Press. ****What causes infertility?About a third of the . . .

Introduction Karen (1997) proposed that contact surrogacy contracts in the social development process increasingly prominent infertility problems.

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Embryology is the collective term used to describe the many solutions for infertility provided by medical technology: Ø In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) is the process whereby an ovum (egg) is withdrawn from a woman's ovaries and fertilised with a man's semen under laboratory conditions....

Stress can cause infertility because hormones take over the body producing more cortisol which suppresses sperm count (U.S.: 2.1).

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