Via della Libertà 54 – Cetraro (CS)

The villas of CAPARRUA are in Cetraro, in the province of Cosenza, in Calabria.

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When Karl Marx began to hypothesize that aneconomic revolution would occur, one of his primary concerns was theunequal distribution of wealth. He saw a capitalist society wherethere was terrible inequality. A small amount of people possessed ahigh percentage of all the money and income. What this did was createa larger and larger poor underclass. Marx theorized that this unequaldivision of wealth would eventually lead to a class revolution. WhileMarx's revolution failed his essential problem still exists. InAmerica about 5% of the people possess 95% of the wealth. Thisleads to certain problems, foremost among them poverty and incomeequality. All of this eventually leads to the problem of lack ofspending in an economy.

The villas of CAPARRUA are in Cetraro, in the province of Cosenza, in Calabria.

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The final antipoverty program is the. Under workfare, welfarerecipients are required to exchange some of their labor for benefits. People on workfare often assist law enforcement officials orsanitation and highway crews. In New York City, many people onworkfare clean subway cars and stations. The work is required ofalmost everyone except those with very young children, the disabled,and the elderly.

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The second reason for income inequality has todo with the fact that some people hold more wealth than others andthat the distribution of wealth is more uneven than that of income. This inequality gives the wealthy the advantage to send theirchildren to expensive colleges and universities, and to set theirchildren up in business so they can earn a better income.

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is the first type. Basically is provides direct cash assistance to those in need. Onesuch program is Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) underwhich a family in need because of the death, continuous absence, orpermanent disability of a parent can receive cash payments. Individual states can determine whether a family is eligible forbenefits and how large the benefits should be; this is done under theguidelines of the federal government. Another income assistanceprogram in the Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which makespayments to blind or disabled persons age 65 or older.

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Another factor that influences the distributionof income is the ability that some people possess. Professionalathletes and popular performers all have natural abilities that allowthem to earn more income.

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The second type of antipoverty program is, which contains programs that assist poorpeople but do not provide direct case assistance. One example is thefood stamp program because a person will pay a fraction of the worthof a coupon administered by the government. Another generalassistance program is Medicaid. Under this, the federal governmentpays a majority of healthcare costs and the state governments pay therest.

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The third type of antipoverty program are the. These include areas as child abuseprevention, foster care, family planning, job training, childwelfare, and day care. Although the state has final say in the kidsof services provided by the programs, the federal government matchespart of the cost. To be eligible for federal funds, a state is freeto select the social issues it wishes to address, set the eligibilityrequirements, and decides how the program is to be carried out.

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Discrimination is another reason that there isan inequality with regards to income. Women may not be promoted tothe higher positions in their business because of the "glassceiling". Certain unions may deny immigrants or minoritiesmembership o the grounds that certain groups are not fit for certainprofessions.