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PwC philosophy is that sustainability is more than just environmental issues.

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The Environmental Management Club offers its members opportunities to communicate with professionals in environmental management during monthly seminars. The club hosts discussions on how students can help preserve the environment, displays job openings and suggestions on how students can enter the field, and provides feedback to student questions about the environmental management major. The club organizes several activities, including a newsletter committee and the P3 grant competition.

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As we are driving into work, do we ask ourselves critical questions about how our everyday behaviors impact the various emerging environmental issues facing our rapidly growing world.

This program is designed to help prepare you to mitigate environmental management issues, including air pollution, water pollution, solid waste, and hazardous waste.

Role of Business Ethics in Staff Motivation and Productivity.

Using data from electric power plants,I estimate the parameters of the model and assess the impact of the Clean Air Act onemissions and plant productivity.

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(Fulfills the general education requirement in communications but is not a writing course.) Prerequisite: WRTG 101 or 101S. An overview designed to identify complex components and relationships involved in today's media. The goal is to understand the technical, political, economic, cultural, and organizational influences on mediated messages. Topics include visual rhetoric, legal and ethical issues, social media, transactional model, advertising, security and privacy concerns.

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Prerequisite: CHEM 297 or an environmental chemistry course. An overview of the scientific principles governing ecosystems, particularly as they relate to the environmental consequences of resource development and industrial processes. The objective is to identify and apply scientific reasoning and knowledge of ecological principles to make informed decisions about environmental management issues and other issues that affect the ecosystem. Topics include Earth¿s ecosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere. Discussion also covers the current state of the environment, the historical development of environmental management issues and approaches, and concepts of risk assessment and management.

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It contains two key concepts within it: First, the concept of needs, in particular the essential needs of the world's poor, to which overriding priority should be given; and Second, the idea of limitations imposed by the state of technology and social organization on the environment's ability to meet present and future n...

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(Formerly ENMT 493.) Prerequisite: ENMT 301. Recommended: LIBS 150. An analysis of the development and implementation of the principles of constitutional and administrative law that are fundamental to both environmental management and health and safety management. The goal is to use information literacy skills to locate applicable policies, laws, and regulations and to apply knowledge of process and regulatory communication systems for effective environmental management. Emphasis is on federal legislation and the use of the Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations. Discussion covers the relationship between regulations and public policy at local, state, and federal levels. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: ENMT 303 or ENMT 493.