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If Descartes' argument about his essence is correct, he will be able to argue in either direction.

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Descartes considers four of these capacities (coyly omitting reproduction!), and argues that none but the last capacity, thought, is essential to the nature of the soul.

Descartes concludes this Meditation with some more morals about the self.

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Descartes' conception of a dualism of substances came underattack from the more radical empiricists, who found it difficult toattach sense to the concept of substance at all. Locke, as a moderateempiricist, accepted that there were both material and immaterialsubstances. Berkeley famously rejected material substance, because herejected all existence outside the mind. In his earlyNotebooks, he toyed with the idea of rejecting immaterialsubstance, because we could have no idea of it, and reducing the selfto a collection of the ‘ideas' that constituted its contents. Finally,he decided that the self, conceived as something over and above theideas of which it was aware, was essential for an adequateunderstanding of the human person. Although the self and its acts arenot presented to consciousness as objects of awareness, we areobliquely aware of them simply by dint of being active subjects. Humerejected such claims, and proclaimed the self to be nothing more than aconcatenation of its ephemeral contents.

In such a case you might say, in Descartes' terms, that you know of the existence of something, but you don't yet know its essence, its nature.

However, this thesis about the essence of the self is yet to be argued for.
You will notice that throughout the , Descartes carefully distinguishes the question of the existence of something, from the question of the essence or nature of that thing.

More generally, if there are unconscious mental processes, as many (most famously Freud) have argued, does that undermine Descartes' view?

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It provides details of 2A as a whole, and also of the readings, tutorial topics, and essay topics for the in particular.
This Study Guide is in three parts, to make access easier:
is an Introduction and guide to the First Meditation.

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In ordinary life, my experience of bodies may appear to be more vivid than self-consciousness, but Descartes argued that sensory appearances actually provide no reliable knowledge of the external world.

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The sceptical hypotheses of the First Meditation had called into question apparently all the beliefs the meditator had hitherto been taken for granted: empirical beliefs in the familiar everyday world of trees and buildings, fires and dressing gowns; beliefs in the entire physical world, 'body, shape, extension, movement and place' (24), including belief in the thinker's own body; and even beliefs in mathematical truths, challenged by the Demon hypothesis.

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Descartes’ method to begin with is reductive, removing all knowledge acquired without control, to become analytical, putting forward any knowledge in a process of division to present simple elements, those which are clear and distinct....

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Descartes says, 'the proposition...I exist, is necessarily true whenever it is...conceived in my mind.' This could be interpreted exactly in line with Williams' suggestion: 'if the proposition 'I exist' is believed by me (conceived in my mind), then it is true'.

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If it were not an animal, it would not be a cat; if it were not an animal, it would not be a yeti.
If Descartes' argument that the 'I' of the Meditations is essentially a thinking thing is successful, then the implication is similar: if I exist, I must be thinking.