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This process is done naturally when the door in the child’s mind is wide open....

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Therefore, the family unit has had a great influence on the growth and the character traits possessed by the children as they grow up and how they perceive the society they live in (Bourne, 2006)....

Agents of socialization are believed to provide the critical information needed for children to function successfully as a member of society.

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The investigation will involve making enquiries with education, health and any other services involved with your child. They will also talk to the child, your ex and anyone who lives with your child. All of those enquiries are usually undertaken with consent, unless it is thought that would increase the risk to the child. Children are often not removed from their home at all, a social worker would determine if there is another adult in the house who can ensure safety during the investigation, at most would ask if a safe family member can help out for a couple of days whilst they investigate.

The socialization processes are particularly noteworthy during infancy and childhood, they continue throughout life.

Many people with a diagnosis of personality disorder manage well as parents. However, some parents with diagnoses of personality disorder do need some help. Most people with a diagnosis of personality disorder have a history of childhood abuse or neglect, and some may therefore need guidance in understanding how to keep their own children safe and cared for. Many people with a diagnosis of personality disorder struggle to manage relationships and emotions, and some may therefore need support in responding to the behaviour of their children. Some people with a diagnosis of personality disorder cope with stress in self-destructive ways such as by self-harm, substance abuse, eating problems or sexual risk-taking, and these people may need help in ensuring that their children are not affected by their behaviour. It is this latter category – those parents who are harming themselves, and whose children are witnessing them harming themselves or whose unborn children are affected by them harming themselves – who are most likely to attract the concern of professionals.

Occurring mostly in childhood, the socialization process begins in the first stages of life when parents are the main influence on children....

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& if a social worker is advising your ex, you could call children’s services to find out why, they can share information about risks but those risks would (if they are about your husband) also be relevant to you, particularly if you have children living with you. The local authority would (in the form of a social worker) be knocking on your door if they were worried about the children living with you. Please take that as reassurance that they are not initiating care proceedings which could lead to the removal of your children. Whilst it is true that mental health issues do affect your husband’s capacity generally to be a parent and engage in family life, you sound like the protective factor and such circumstances are not uncommon. If a social worker does knock on your door, you should also be reassured that they would be assessing that and not whether they want to remove your children. I think Sarah is right (well she is a lawyer) that the court arena, though stressful, might be the place for this to be resolved. If you have any evidence (police reports etc.) that you were subject to domestic violence (I don’t know if you were but you say your ex was violent) you would be entitled to free legal representation in private law proceedings. i would suggest you are proactive about this and take the matter to court. They may well ask for a report from a social worker, which would involve a full assessment of everyone, and that is something that you might find helpful as well as securing the arrangements for any children you have in common.

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I am a mother of 5 but 4 live with me and 1 lives with his dad. My husband has mental health problems and sometime self harms or is suicidle and he sometime will loose it and break thinks or shout loud. Mainly when the children are in bed. I am a good mum and I keep my children from being affected. My husband is a good father and helps me cool clean and loves his children but and even when he has an episode he doesn’t do it around the children.
The neighbours have called the police and so I have on one occasions as I have not been able to control his behaviour.
He is now seeing a probation officer once a week and also crisis team regularly.
I was supposed to be seeing my son this week but his father called me and said social services have advised him not to let me have him and to take me to court to get his daughter too as my husband is a threat. I need some advise because this is upsetting me and I feel soon with all this I will be depressed. My ex is a violent person and now won’t let me see my son and said he is taking my daughter too. I also have 3 children by my husband and I’m scared social will take them now. What do I do.

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Clearly all this arguing over family courts is pointless, how about Sarah, Angelo, Helen , Looked After Child pool our resources and contact Dr Whatisname, he or variations of him seem to be able to cure all relationship and family problems. Sarah could ask if he can deal with Twitter Trolls at a discount rate. Maybe even the Brexit divorce. Angelo will be ecstatic as all Children’s Panel solicitor’s will be out of a job, unfortunately that probably means so are Sarah and Helen.