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Later on in his life he went to America, but at the same time the Nazi party came to power in Germany and was unable to return their. During the beginning of the Second World War Einstein had wrote to the President about the Atomic bomb in which he pleaded with the President not to use it. Although Einstein would not participate in the development of the Atomic bomb the idea of it started from his famous equation. After the end of the War, Einstein devoted his life towards keeping peace in which he wrote many articles and speeches calling for a world government (Einstein). Towards the end of his life Einstein was held high in legendary standards of fame in which everyone new of him world wide. He studied science all the way up until the day of his death on April 18, 1955.

Instead, the judges used his explanation of the photoelectric effect to explain the award.

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“There was always with him a wonderful purity at once childlike and profoundly stubborn.”

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However, much of his work was linked to the synchronising of time by mechanical and electrical means, which sowed the seeds that would later transform the understanding of the universe.

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The scientist’s work began to pour out of him – by the end of that year, he published no less than four revolutionary papers on matter and energy; the photoelectric effect; Brownian motion; and the idea that perhaps defined him most of all – special relativity.

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Two years later his work on relativity made him world famous when he concluded that the trajectory of light arriving on Earth from a star would be bent by the gravity of the Sun.

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Einstein qualified and became a Swiss citizen but couldn’t find a teaching job so began work as an assistant in the Swiss Patent Office in 1901, where he was passed over for promotion because he had not got to grips with “machine technology”.

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