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expounded. This image and its components can easily catch the attention of the audience. This is because of the images simplicity. First it captures the audience attention as it can be observed that a very descent man carries two pieces of boards in an awkward manner. This will make many people to shift their attention towards the portrait hence advertising.
The advertisement is also effective since it is time able and only takes the reader only a matter of seconds to read it. The information on the boards is also written in a different distinct color to embrace distinction enhancing the authenticity. The person on the portrait appears smiling availing an impression of happiness. This will promote the sale of the open house as many will associate it pride. The image does not confuse as it is very explicit. The portrait of the man appears steadily in front and the open house behind him. This therefore alleviates the questions that may arise among the audience as “Where is the house in question?’’ All these render the advertisement outstandingly as a good advertisement picture. This can be attributed from the fact that their is total representation and that the audience w ill be able to clearly visualize and understand the entire concepts being out lined in the advert.
In the second slide which can also by used as a catalogue, there is an image portraying a lady with a pen in her hand. At a glance the lady is broadly smiling. This sends a faster impression of a feeling of happiness. This to some extent may show that, associating with her products brings joy. The image can therefore be rated as one of the good advertising images. This is due to its clarity.

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Based on this approach, the two economically contrasting periods, the “Roaring Twenties” and the “Great Depression” were compared through a content analysis of visual forms in the magazine advertisements to see if the ads and its visuals had reflected the underlying economic conditions in them.

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There is a more distinct logo which is a further credit (The logo of E-campus. com) this actually tells the audience the actual place or the origin of the information. This is an addition credit as it vividly specifies the direction at a simple look. The advertisement further talks on the prices of which it describes as cheap. This is also unique and makes it stand taller amongst other adverts. The person on the portrait is portrayed as facing the horizon, this shows that the e-campus is determined to delivering a type of education that aims higher.
The pictures credibility is almost inappropriate because of a number of weaknesses in that the information given to some basis of considerations is ambiguous and threatens understanding. For instance, ‘Shop now books and stuff cheap’ does not specify which? There is also lots of writing that might take longer to read and understand. This incapacitates it of meeting the standards of timeliness.
The audience might take longer time to read and understand something that might require them to stop hence causing some level of inconveniency. On the other hand it can not be that easy to determine whether the institution is an academic institution or a business organization since it is deficient of such information to that effect, this intensifies its ambiguity. I therefore have a feeling that this advertisement is not a better one.
On the third advertisement, there is a realization that it is a more complex photo as it contains four images that are arranged in a more chronological manner. This might make one attempt to think that it is an exemption. In the first part it shows a group of about six people walking together. In the second part a woman is displayed approaching the six people, when they are about to meet each other the six tend to give way for the woman with some looking at her awkwardly. The woman stops in front of a signpost stating “People moving a way when you have a bad odour.” In the last picture, there is a negative connotation which might tend to repel some audience or buyers of the commodity .Many of the buyers who may be opting to buy the product may have a feeling of being the odd ones out. They may put themselves in the shoes of those who are seeing them going for the product and figure out what they can say. They can then shy away. As much as it focuses on the client’s problem, has a provocative image and has a strong headline, it is not a good one since its major concern is not achieved. Therefore for the analysis to approve an advertisement as a better or a worse one merely depends on the image and the care of wordings used throughout the statements in the advertisement or work.

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