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Robert Kaggwa led the session on African students and emphasised the variety and diversity of cultures. There are often many languages within one country; many students have financial problems, when scholarships are not adequate. Some romanticise the West before they come and are disappointed. They have to adapt from a poor country to a wealthy one, a religious culture to a secular one and a communitarian culture to individualism and independence.

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Chinese students may find it difficult to cope with the variety of opinion in the public sphere. Some have an anti-western "Opium War" mentality. Many have suppressed rage and disappointment but will not express it to outsiders. Since many have non-graduate parents, they can be doubly distanced from their parents. They have an undeveloped understanding of mental health issues and will find it hard to ask for help and not understand what counselling is for (or indeed what chaplains are for). Since they find it hard to ask for help, it can be better to accompany a student to make an appointment with counselling or medical services.

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Many international students find the English superficially friendly and polite but not genuinely welcoming. Anxiety in the face of difference makes them more aware of their own culture. Aspects of home student culture - like drunkenness and skipping lectures can be a shock. However it can be liberating to experience the reality of life in England. Religious activity often intensifies as they move from practice to commitment and gain a sense of rootedness and commitment and they may seek a church that is culturally familiar. There is a tension between integration and separateness. Some may find chaplaincy worship too cold.

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Flore Ja - J'ai essayé de t'appeler plusieurs fois, mais J'ai essayé de t'appeler plusieurs fois, mais apparemment tu passes du temps dans ton jardin!

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In addition, the Board elaborated a project to promote “intergenerational housing” for students. Actually already some families, including the Archbishop, welcome students at their homes; the aim is to have a more professional approach to enlarge numbers, to select both families, elderly people and to match with the appropriate students. The project is in its fundraising stage.