One huge impact of global warming is the change in animals’ habitats.

This will be done through a small representation of the facts related to manmade global warming....

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There are various reasons of global warming, such as human activities, natural events, increasing of gases, such as carbon dioxide in atmosphere and solar activity (Global warming)....

One of the first subject people learned is that there are several causes of global warming.

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aggred all this fake food we make and modfie these days is killing not only us but the place we live. Also i dont 100% agree with global warming i think we are heading to more of global cooling from what ive seen…. its time for a change!

Many scientists think that pollution is the cause of global warming and the greenhouse effect.

They do this to turn public attention away from the fact that much of their data is purposely taken out of context, manipulated, or made up in order to prove that Manmade Global Warming exists.

No matter how you call it, “global warming” or “climate disruption”, its effects are all the same.

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Al Gore is a politician, not a scientist. However, The Inconvenient Truth did raise many critical issues which our society continues to ignore at its peril. Whether you agree with his politics or not, or agree with his science or not, his central message has a basis in fact. As stated in this essay, global warming is a fact of life. It is not going away.

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By systematically aerosolizing the Earth’s atmosphere with the cocktail of toxic chemicals that are found in chemtrails, the weather patterns are being altered in ways which will produce a blowback effect. By treating the symptoms of global warming in such a superficial and cavalier manner, this “pharmaceutical approach” is having highly destructive consequences. Collateral damage is showing up everywhere, only never acknowledged because the scientists are ‘not available” (or funded) to document the direct correlation. Because all of the weather patterns of the world are inextricably connected, ultimately they will all be thrown into disarray, just as we are experiencing.

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From all the data and information amassed thus far concerning the chemtrail component of geo-engineering, it can be said that its inevitable effect will be to greatly exacerbate global climate change. The deliberate manipulation of weather patterns to hide the obvious effects and multiple manifestations of global warming may prove to be the stick that breaks the camel’s back. The biosphere is the camels’s back.

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Without any doubt, the entire planetary civilization is living on very . Here is a recent discussion which speaks directly to the confluence of circumstances which are creating a conducive environment for a planetary breakdown due to global warming.

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There are also black budgeted, such as which are known to pump billions of watts of energy into the ionosphere. Much of this advanced scientific and military testing is completely outside of the realm of oversight and therefore monitoring its effects on global climate change are impossible. Nevertheless, common sense would tell us that many of those intrusive and unnatural infusions of energy into the various layers of Earth’s atmosphere will only imbalance the whole system. Isn’t this exactly what we have seen with both geo-engineering, especially chemtrails?