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For schools that simply ask for a statement of purpose, the essay is challenging.

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Havingdecided on a strong purpose of your essay is a mandatory requirement. Thispurpose is to be expressed to every single reader that’ll come across youressay and not just limited to your professor or teacher. If your essay doesn'tmeet the purpose, then sadly nothing else matters. It’ll turn your valuableefforts of researching and writing to waste if none of the content or facts matchesthe purpose that you thought out for the essay in the first place.

Here is an essay title about the function of schools in the development of a child:

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Here’sa classic example just to clarify what all of this means. For instance: If youwere to write an informative essay on say a historical figure; lets say you chooseAbraham Lincoln, you may try to be persuasive and insinuate that Lincoln wasnot an effective president. This is where you’ll realize that your purposecannot be fulfilled. You must fit your purpose based on facts. Such essays areusually informative rather than persuasive.

C. Grants, Fellowships, and Scholarships  What you include in your essay should depend on the purpose of the scholarship.

One significant purpose of school is to teach young schoolers a good educarion that would largely benefit their own future. Primarily, they are taught with basic mathematics, reading and writing skills which are essential for their foundation especially for pre-school. For example, they learn problem solving skills in a Mathematics subject that they need later on if they want to come up with a successful business. Moreover, they learn good communication skills that they may apply in their workplace which would greatly mould the children as a better individual. Furthermore, basic good manners and right conduct are also learned in classroom but it is best learned at home with the guidance of the parents.

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These are all important questions, but first I am going to give a brief summary of the text by Timothy McMannon entitled The Public Purpose of Education and Schooling.