The law also regulates the public funding of presidential elections.

Not only are United States presidents elected by the people, they are also the face of the nation.

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I am opening up the discussion of this important topic in American presidential history by first sharing a fact that not many people may know: there have been three previous presidential elections in which one candidate won the popular vote but not the electoral vote and lost the election.

- George W. Bush essays on the 43rd president who came into office in January 2001.

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The Electoral College.The national presidential election actually consists of a separate electionin each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia; in these 51 elections,the voters are really voting for "electors" pledgedto one of the tickets. These electors make up the "Electoral College." (In most cases, the names of the electors aren't written on theballot; instead the ballot lets voters choose among "Electors for" eachof the tickets, naming the presidential and vice-presidential candidateseach slate of electors is pledged to.)

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But to understand how truly unexpected this campaign season has been—for the country and for my own life—you have to understand something about presidential elections in general. The politicians devise strategies and court donors years in advance. At the same time, newspapers and networks carefully decide which reporter they'll match with which candidate.

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Timothy Crouse got a lot right in The Boys on the Bus, arguably the most famous book about the campaign trail. (Crouse was a Rolling Stone reporter covering the 1972 U.S. presidential election.) The trail combines "the incestuous-ness of a New England hamlet with the giddiness of a mid-ocean gala and the physical rigors of the Long March." It's a little "womb-like," as Crouse puts it, and as a result, we risk stories that are too "inside the Beltway." In her essay about the 1988 U.S. presidential election, "Insider Baseball," Joan Didion was even more pointed about these perils, describing a political press that had forgotten its audience.

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And this raises serious questions about the role money plays in determining presidential elections, congressional legislation and presidential action.

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The President of the United States is undoubtedly the most influential individual in our country so, of course, citizens must take the election process very seriously.

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In the middle of a devastating civil war, the United States had held its presidential election almost without discussing any alternative (American President: A Reference Resource).

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With a two-term president unable to seek re-election, the House of Representatives clearly up for grabs, and Democrats counting on major Senate gains -- even hoping to win control -- there is a lot at stake in this year's elections.

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It will be shown that as Election Day drew nearer Republicans were forced to attack President Clinton's policy because they had no substantial plan of their own....