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Japanese Popular Culture in America - essay-paper

Japanese Popular Culture in America

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The author of this essay "Popular Culture in America" touches upon the popular tendencies in the USA. According to the text, American popular culture

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There has yet to appear a synthetic “master narrative” on popular movements in 19th-century Latin America. Popular movements are, of course, treated in general histories of the region or individual nation-states. Most studies on popular movements focus on distinct and specific popular actions, in one country, often with a focus on one region. Studying subalterns’ politics and lives perhaps requires an intensely local focus, in order to understand how popular groups’ quotidian lives affected their participation in social movements. Additionally, the relatively recent focus on such movements in the historiography means that, arguably, only recently have enough secondary works appeared to allow a synthetic study. Therefore, comparative overviews and general treatments, beyond the national level, are still rare; , a pioneering study, is the best, but compares only Mexico and Peru. Mallon’s study shares many theoretical preoccupations with , an edited volume to which the author contributed; both of these studies have informed many subsequent works. provides the best effort at a synthetic study but covers only the Andean region, with a focus on indigenous peoples. offers a magisterial overview of the Afro-Latin American experience post-independence, with a much broader purview than popular movements, but does cover such actions in the 19th century. For those interested in Afro-Latin American experience after slavery, provides an exhaustive bibliography in which to look for popular movements. Beyond these texts, perhaps the best general works are essay collections (; ) that bring together numerous approaches and topics (more of these collections may be found under ).

Popular culture has become an important area in the culture and society of Japan

Even though a lot of American popular culture isn’t the best choice in our lives, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Nora Ephron, and Eric Schlosser use this theme of popular culture in their essays....

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