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I’ve been searching for a client friendly method to deliver and get sign off on contracts in a paperless fashion. Anyone out there have a resource for such things?

One of the latest trends in saving money is considered “the paperless office”.

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Each year, the world produces more than 300 million tons of paper. According to the , printing and writing papers typically found in a school or office environment such as copier paper, computer printouts and notepads, comprise the largest category of paper product consumption. This is an alarming figure considering the advanced technology of today’s world that is specifically designed to help offices go paperless.

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The notion of a paperless office has been muted for 30 or 40 years now and was considered to be at the height of technological sophistication and the epitome of efficiency. Despite this high expectation and despite the explosion in technological advances, it is, interestingly, still not fully implemented across the various job sectors (). Is there a fundamental reason behind this? Bailey (, p. xiv) draws attention to the fact that the speed of technological change depends on the nature of the various organizations people work in. This suggests that there may be other factors at play than just technology. I will therefore explore in this essay not just the various technical advantages and disadvantages at play but also the social and environmental.

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Our inconspicuous absence also haunted my reading of . In this book, the authors seek to answer the question of why paper usage and consumption has gone up steadily during all the years when information technology developments and information technology prognostications have led us to believe that paper was on its way out. Studying work places, work processes, and work flows in a number of organizations, the authors come to the conclusion that paper has certain functionalities ("affordances" is the term used) that make it desirable, valuable, and necessary. We can make better use of paper, they argue, and, by studying its qualities and its applications, we can make much better use of information technology, but we have no reason yet to make a "paperless office" a practical goal.

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The notion of a paperless global information environment is largely similar to the paperless office where the paperless office is just a smaller scale of the paperless global information environment, both sharing similar ideals and technologies. I refer to the “paperless information environment” in this essay as the global interaction and sharing of information whereby information is virtually stored on computers and servers with no physical paper copy.

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Lowering paper usage at the office can result in higher efficiency measures and increased productivity levels throughout an organization. Changes in paper consumption can include increasing recycling efforts, printing less or even going paperless with document management software. Doing so could provide inspiration to employees as well as large monetary savings for your organization.

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Beside other changes that technologies brought to organization, it should be said that they influence the structure of organization directly and indirectly, and even may affect the process of socialization of the members of this organization. Socialization of the members of organization has an impact on the overall process of communication, and therefore indirect influence on the results of the activity of this organization. The availability of information in the organization and nature of communication itself were significantly influenced by technologies. In my opinion, the major advantage of electronic communication and information technologies and the paperless office is the capability to transfer the information faster, at a lower cost, and to more people while also offering increased data communality, and processing.