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Defense evolves asoffense evolves.

(newsletter reprints of SCA fighting info)

Here are some of the organizations and schools studying and teaching historical combat styles, as well as symposia and seminars for training and instruction.

Crain Knives (custom knives and swords, Hollywood style) (added 05/29/02)

See the Western Martial Arts section for moreinclusive sites.

2. Adapted from the CCSSO's ELA State Collaborative on Assessment and Student Standards, and the text complexity rubrics used by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction ELA Team.

1-3, Lansing, Mich.) (2003 link updated 05/11/03)

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Long, Ltd (formerly Trident Arms (England)) (added 6/11/00)

You can give your personal estimation of the news to underline their conformity to real facts. By voting, you teach the system to distinguish truth and false. Your input will help people get independent view on things happening.

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Main articles: Wars of Alexander the Great, Hellenistic Period, and Hellenistic civilization The Hellenistic period lasted from 323 BC, which marked the end of the Wars of Alexander the Great ...

Peasants have been shooting at them since the late 1300's.

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