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“This is a new and revised paperback edition of a collection of twenty scholarly essays that I co-edited and published with Berg Publishers in London in 1990. Rather than being accepted by all of German society, the Nazi regime was also resisted in both passive and active forms by some. This new edition examines opposition and resistance in its broadest sense to National Socialism among Germans during the Third Reich. It considers individual and organized nonconformity, opposition, and resistance, ranging from symbolic acts of disobedience to a few organized assassination attempts. It looks at how within disparate groups such as the Jewish community, the Christian churches, conservatives, communists, socialists, and the military there existed elements that at times defied the regime, each in its own way.”

Nazi ideology had a momentous impact on Germanys foreign policy during the period of 1934 to 1939

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And once they encountered the Soiviets, including Red Army soldiers, political commissars, Jews, and other civilians, most saw them through bthe ideological lens that the NAZIs had created.

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The impact of this indoctrination combined with a heady German nationalism that existed before the NAZI take over created an ideological preparation that resulted in the creation of some of the most effective soldiers of the War.

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