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The music in Lewis films is diverse: cowboy songs, big band, folk music.

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11.) Musical: Films that have song and dance as theprimary factor.
12.) Science Fiction: Films that deal with outerspace adventures and extra-terrestrial encounters.
13.) Suspense: Films that keep secrets from theaudience.

Jean-Pierre Coursodon has a long essay on Lewis' films in hisbook  (1983).

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There is plenty of credited  talent on these films - so the musical

Special features: Four musical scores, each offering its own interpretation of the film; Audio commentary by film scholars Thomas Elsaesser and Mary Ann Doane; "Louise Brooks: looking for Lulu" (1998), a 60-minute documentary by Hugh Munro Neeley; "Lulu in Berlin" (1971), a rare, 48-minute interview with Louise Brooks by verite documentarian Richard Leacock and Susan Steinberg Woll; New video interviews with Leacock, about Brooks, and Michael Pabst the director's son; Stills gallery; Book featuring Kenneth Tynan's 1979 essay "The girl in the black helmet," an article by Louise Brooks on her relationship with Pabst, and a new essay by critic J.

The overall conception of what a musical Western might be like in  returns in Lewis' own Bob Baker films.