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There are two main methods of accessing memory: recognition and recall. Recognition is the association of an event or physical object with one previously experienced or encountered, and involves a process of comparison of information with memory, e.g. recognizing a known face, true/false or multiple choice questions, etc. Recognition is a largely unconscious process, and the even has a dedicated face-recognition area, which passes information directly through the limbic areas to generate a sense of familiarity, before linking up with the cortical path, where data about the person's movements and intentions are processed. Recall involves remembering a fact, event or object that is not currently physically present (in the sense of retrieving a representation, mental image or concept), and requires the direct uncovering of information from memory, e.g. remembering the name of a recognized person, fill-in the blank questions, etc.

CPU will take long time to retrieve data without memory, therefore, the memory exists so that CPU can retrieve data faster (Tyson, 2011)....

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According to Goldstein (2011), memory is a process involved in retaining, retrieving, and using information about stimuli, images, events, ideas, and skills after the original information is no longer present.

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The efficiency of human memory recall is astounding. Most of what we remember is by direct retrieval, where items of information are linked directly a question or cue, rather than by the kind of sequential scan a computer might use (which would require a systematic search through the entire contents of memory until a match is found). Other memories are retrieved quickly and efficiently by hierarchical inference, where a specific question is linked to a class or subset of information about which certain facts are known. Also, the is usually able to determine in advance whether there is any point in searching memory for a particular fact (e.g. it instantly recognizes a question like “What is Socrates’ telephone number?” as absurd in that no search could ever produce an answer).

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Recall or retrieval of memory refers to the subsequent re-accessing of events or information from the past, which have been previously and in the . In common parlance, it is known as remembering. During recall, the "replays" a pattern of neural activity that was originally generated in response to a particular event, echoing the 's perception of the real event. In fact, there is no real solid distinction between the act of remembering and the act of thinking.

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We have vast amounts of information stored in our memory systems which we are able to access quickly and effortlessly, this implies that knowledge stored must be highly organised to allow us to retrieve the appropriate information for a given situation....

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A discussion regarding the concepts of short-term, working, and long-term memory precedes an explanation of the encoding and retrieval in the memory processes.

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Even so, retrieving memory was no longer the process of picking out an asymmetrical experience from storage, rather than the reconstruction of experience of using the schema as a guide....

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An evaluation of the variables associated with encoding and retrieval provides an understanding of the results from an online self-administered memory test.