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and how this may relate to wider constructions of masculinity in the media, ..

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These feminists don’t want some sort of ‘equality’ or fairness or to be on a par with men… No, they want subjugation of men, men under foot, men to act like women, men to be unlike men. Only then, will they be satisfied when men are no longer masculine. And, this woman, with this sort of brain-washing psychobabble, is much like a thought-Nazi…a Stormtrooper-Brown Shirt under the auspices of a college and a professorship teaching young people how to hate, how to hold others down, and how to radicalize students against others. This instructor should be fired immediately..!!

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Masculinity in the media essays on ..

This essay will argue that the emergence of such titles is in response to a change in masculinity in society, reflected in both the possibility of producing such magazines and within the magazines themselves.

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Lisa Wade, the author of “American Hookup” and a sociology professor at Occidental in Los Angeles, wrote in a recent essay that “masculinity itself” may need to be undermined if feminists are to “finish the gender revolution.

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