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Discuss On the surface Muhammad is usually considered to be a prophet and messenger of God, but when looking closer we can see that He played many more roles in His life time including one of a Statesman.

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To understand Shariah’s deep appeal, we need to ask a crucial question that is rarely addressed in the West: What, in fact, is the system of Islamic law? In his lifetime, the Prophet Muhammad was both the religious and the political leader of the community of Muslim believers. His revelation, the Koran, contained some laws, pertaining especially to ritual matters and inheritance; but it was not primarily a legal book and did not include a lengthy legal code of the kind that can be found in parts of the Hebrew Bible. When the first generation of believers needed guidance on a subject that was not addressed by revelation, they went directly to Muhammad. He either answered of his own accord or, if he was unsure, awaited divine guidance in the form of a new revelation.

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Over the course of several years of preaching in Mecca, Muhammad attracted only a small group of followers. Because he called for the complete moral reformation of Meccan society, most members of the Quraysh considered Muhammad to be a dangerous insurrectionist whose message undermined their total way of life. In 622 CE, after enduring years of persecution, the Prophet and his followers relocated to Medina, an oasis city approximately 200 miles north of Mecca. The year in which this migration (hijrah) occurred was designated the first year of the Islamic lunar calendar. It marks the founding of the ummah, the Muslim community, in Medina and the beginning of the Islamic era.

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