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With the issue of interracial marriage, state laws, and racial purity were the concern of many.

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In the founding of America, the was the primary document by which civil laws originated. Clearly, reading the old documents and manuscripts of the Founders, their intent was that America was to be a Christian nation under the direction of God Yahweh (God's name, pronounced Yah-Way), the Father, and Jesus Christ the Son. Their rulebook, the , was to be the guide. As a result, up until the 1950`s, most of the States had laws on the books against interracial marriage. It had been decades since those laws were enforced, never the less they served as a reminder that the United States was formed upon Christian principles and laws.

2. Jesus came for everyone, all races, so interracial marriage is a non-issue.

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Nevertheless, the most zealous proponents of same-sex marriage will insist on the justice of the analogy: Opposition to same-sex marriage is just as irrational and bigoted as opposition to interracial marriage. In both cases, the opposition depends on trying to make something essential to marriage that is in reality non-essential; moreover, they charge, in other contexts the proponents of traditional marriage even agree that the feature in question is non-essential. So they are being inconsistent in this case, which is often a sign of ill will.

What’s ironic is many states legalize interracial marriage earlier on.

Blacks and mixed race people were prosecuted for rape much more than were Whites for two basic reasons: according to the law Blacks and mixed race people could not testify against a White person in court; and rape by a White man was not looked down upon during these time periods.24 The author takes a historical approach to interracial sex and marriage and how these two actions were perceived in Virginia.

Interracial marriage has come a long way since the 20th century and is only getting better.

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“Marriage is one of the basic civil rights of man, and same-sex marriage should receive the same protections given to interracial marriages by that ruling” (Gay Marriage).

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This book is a bit outdated, but it shows the concerns parents will have in raising their biracial children, what questions to expect, how to confront these questions, and what the parents can do to better prepare themselves and their children for a world of racism.

Vladimir Piskacek & Marlene Golub, Children of Interracial Marriages, Interracial Marriages: Expectations and Realities (1973).

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The article does a fine job in showing the major concerns White men had during the 19th century regarding interracial marriages, and how they tried to preserve White supremacy.

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