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Imperialism is the dominance of one country over another politically, economically or socially.

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Finally, teachers should be careful to avoid giving their students the impression that anti-imperialism represented the dominant ideology of the period. The more mainstream political cartoons collected in could provide students an understanding of how American attitudes of racial and cultural superiority often translated into support for U.S. imperialism.

imperialism, on the grounds that such an undertaking would not be scholarly.

(1) Imperialism, on the other hand, means 'the rule of the Empire'.

Often imperialism occurs when a stronger country supports or takes over a weaker country.” (1) Imperialism affected many different parts of the world and people in many different ways....

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Clicking on “Platforms” takes one to a chronological listing of more than 40 statements of principle from various organizations in the anti-imperialist movement. The most confusing section, but also perhaps the most useful, is labeled “History.” Here, one finds various secondary sources on anti-imperialism, including several essays by Zwick. But alongside these pieces are some 16 collections of primary sources grouped not by genre and chronology, but by content. One particularly fascinating section presents a treasure trove of documents related to the African American experience in the anti-imperialist movement. Another collects articles, cartoons, and other sources related to the American pursuit of a canal through either Nicaragua or Panama. A third brings together the anti-imperialist writings of William Jennings Bryan. All of these collections are contextualized with short, useful introductory essays by Zwick.

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Furthermore, under neoimperialism the native government takes up the costs of administering the country while the imperialist interests are free to concentrate on accumulating capital—which is all they really want to do.

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The first one is old imperialism, which was the period from the 1500s to the 1800s, where European nation started to colonize many areas such as the Americas, and parts of Southeast Asia.

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They discovered that the removal of a conspicuously intrusive colonial rule made it more difficult for nationalist elements within the previously colonized countries to mobilize anti-imperialist sentiments.

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The new imperialisms exploded out of a combination of causes.” (Esler 564) As a result of the Industrial Revolution in Europe, some of the world’s most powerful nations experienced a change in economics.

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Rather than being directly colonized by the imperial power, the weaker countries have been granted the trappings of sovereignty—while Western finance capital retains control of the lion's share of their profitable resources.

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So we witnessed the curious phenomenon of leaders of newly independent Third World nations denouncing imperialism as the source of their countries' ills, while dissidents in these countries denounced these same leaders as collaborators of imperialism.