Bush Is Briefed as the Hijackings Begin

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®Over 35,000 Web Pages, or click below

I think that they could do much more damage, by attacking oilrigs, refineries, and water supplies etc which is easier because they are often remotely located, what would be the impact on those ones?

Bush Leaves for Booker Elementary

When Did Bush First Learn of the Attacks?

Heh, I actually watched it last weekend (the second time). I noticed too many things I missed the first time. First time many slipped by but now watching it again right after this UK threat made it ... scary.

®Over 35,000 Web Pages, or click below

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In my view, we are at best saving a few lives from terrorism, at the cost of many more lives, and untold suffering that could otherwise be prevented.

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So, if effective action is possible, the question then becomes, is there an interest by those who yield power, both political and economical, to do away with this menace?

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@PerfDave: "All the talk of the value of one life versus the inconvenience of one hour has gotten me thinking. How many lifetimes of man-hours have been wasted due to extra delays at airports caused by overreaction to fear of terrorism? I'm happy to guess at least a dozen."

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I do not beleve that the FBI's #1 goal should be preventing terrorists. Is it really right to tell a kidnaping victim that their case will take 2nd priority to catching Bin Laden, or worse... tracking down tips from a racist old lady in a Shoney's?

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Let's assume people live to an average of 80 years old. 80 years * 365.25 days/year (accomodates leap years) * 24 hours per day = 701,280 hours per life. Now, from page 30 of we get that from January-September of 2005 there was just over 410 million passengers. Assuming everyone arrived about an hour earlier than they otherwise would to allow time for the 'security' screening process, which has been basically advised ever since 9/11, some 584 lifetimes were wasted waiting in line in the first 9 months of 2005. Extrapolate that out and something nicely over 2000 lifetimes have been wasted waiting in line.

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I've commented on-and-off of how the press uses terrorism as a marketing tool *and* with how politics uses it to "go for the gut" but this article pretty much puts it together.