Creating awareness about eye donation and its importance among people

Motivating Lord Tirupati Balaji bhakts for eye donation in center of Tirumala hills by us

Celebration World Eye Donation Day

10th June,2015: World Eyedonation Day: World eye donation day celebrated on facebook ,whatsapp and many other by cerculating images and messages.

I am in Nursary class. please every one come ahead and donate your eyes.

Sanjwarta newspaper highlighted eye donation story

13thOctober,2015:Navratri Message: We take opportunity for campaigning eye donation message via social media on this navratri festival.

25 th June 2015: A short film coming on Eye donation made by Deepak Dhiman.

The thoughts you expressed in this incredible essay brought back to my memory a devastating conversation I had with a dear friend who had just learned her cancer had spread, and who had also just read The Secret. She turned to me and asked, with desperation in her voice and eyes, “What did I do to attract this?” She was the most gentle, loving and caring woman I’ve ever known, and I was furious that a stupid, stupid book could add guilt to what this lovely woman was already suffering. I still am. It’s not right. I’m glad you know that. Peace to you and yours.

Poster of Short film for Eye donation