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level of health education so that we eat better and live longer

By following an eating plan designed specifically for me, I will be capable of progressing toward a healthier weight, and hopefully live a longer life.

so eating healthy foods means we can better fight diseases and live longer

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Scientists have known for a long time that rats, mice, and worms that eat very little live longer than those that eat normal diets. Now, the results of research on humans are starting to emerge. It may take decades to prove that people who carefully regulate their calories and eating patterns extend their life span, but at the very least, some scientists say, these people may avoid many health problems associated with aging.

Mar 27, 2015 · How to choose a healthy breakfast cereal. JUST WATCHED Study: Eat more cereal fiber, live longer. Replay.

Mark Mattson, a researcher at the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore, Maryland, thinks an alternate route may be through what he calls intermittent fasting. Health benefits in mice that eat only every other day are similar to those for mice that eat a calorie restricted diet—they live 30 percent longer, Mattson says. And, he adds, "We see vast improvements in variables that indicate risk of disease."

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