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“I am living proof that there shouldn’t be a law on dying with dignity,” he says.

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Back when Iwao was the chief of the health ministry’s health policy bureau, he didn’t see the need to codify guidelines on dying with dignity in legislation. His views changed, however, after he read some surveys on dying with dignity as he was preparing to give a speech at a conference on the issue.

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The Japan Society for Dying with Dignity has approximately 125,000 registered members across the country. All members carry identification cards that say they refuse to receive any life-saving treatments once they enter the terminal phase of their illness.

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Japan Society for Dying with Dignity President Soichiro Iwao believes that legislation should be in place to govern such situations, otherwise further ad hoc results will occur. “Everyone should have the right to decide how they want to end their life,” Iwao says.

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Of the 845 replies the organization received, 696 said they were able to present a Japan Society for Dying with Dignity membership card or convey their sick relatives’ wishes concerning treatment to the doctor. Of those, 639 said the doctors agreed to follow the patients’ requests.

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Iwao has tried to explain his views to opponents of dying with dignity “but it always feels like our discussion is taking place on different wavelengths.”