How to build a operator error proof plane or computer?

I don't have any magic solutions here. Banja's suggestions are good, but general:

Mark - by the secretary of Peter; based on Peter's preaching

There are always tradeoffs that must be made between efficiency and effectiveness. In this case, effectiveness is could be measured by ensuring the checklists are followed by pilots using some kind of post review and random (or targeted) sampling. Efficiency is not an issue as the time required to perform the checklist is typically minimal. Making some assumptions as I have never flown a plane.

To those that have not read it, I would recommend the whole of Feynman's Appendix F

Luke - by the companion of Paul; intended as a historical document

This, Bowker says, would be most unwelcome to the Pharisees, and perceived as "a betrayal of Torah" - which point of view would have been Jesus' own business, had He not started teaching it publicly! Bowker does not come to this conclusion, but I would like to suggest that here, perhaps, is the "idolatry" that Fricke is looking for. The God that Jesus preached may have seemed a bit out-of-character to the Pharisees - perhaps even seen as a "new" god that was not the true God at all.

Almost always the cause is: OPERATOR ERROR. It's an example of normalized deviance mentioned here.

Barabbas was out, but Pilate wasn't through yet. With his usual contempt, he wants to irritate the Jewish leaders' sensibilities by hinting that Jesus ought to be released - certainly, we might add, not because he cared for Jesus. And again, perhaps, he is astonished by the vehemence of the reply.

Matthew - by the Apostle and tax collector; formulated as a teaching gospel

Correction: I meant "deliberately unobservant"

A: During the summer, you may have several opportunities to leave camp with your bunk or edah (division). Campers entering 9th through 11th grades will sleep out of camp for close to a week. All campers may go on a special trip with your edah or to a waterpark, a museum, or even more! No one can leave the campgrounds for any reason without the permission of the Camp Director.

To this we may add the following observation:

A: Some people call it Maccabiah or Color War or Mini-Olympics. Whatever you call it, it is great fun! The whole camp participates in a daylong competition of different events.

I'm amazed any of us survive it...

A: We serve three healthy, balanced meals each day and at least one snack daily. In addition, your bunk will be ordering "treats" from our canteen, two days a week. Any food brought to camp or sent to camp will be removed by your counselors and donated to a Tzedakah project. Don't bring it!

"I'm amazed any of us survive it..."

A: Fire is a serious danger at camp. One little sparkler, one little match, could start a fire that would not only impact the camp, but the beautiful forest that surrounds it as well. We must do everything we can to avoid a fire. Therefore, fireworks, incense and candles are not allowed by campers at camp.

Well, technically, you don't. See you soon.

Those of a liberal nature today are seen as devient by those of a conservative nature. In time though the deviancey becomes the accepted norm. With a little more time those radical devient liberal ideas become the confining view of conservatism. That is the way society rolls.

General aviation only needs one rule.

But the thing about proceadure checklists is that they evolve through use and improved instruments. So they can be seen as an optomising process which also helps save lives as the patient is open for less time and thus alsp receives less harmfull anaesthetic, with improved recovery rates and less time in hospital at risk of serious infection from the likes of MRSA etc.